All Timber Windows

Timber windows

NBS timber windows can be made to fit most apertures – be it circular, square or triangular. They can be made to complement almost any style from contemporary to Victorian/Georgian.

NBS Windows are supplied factory finished, painted and glazed in accordance with the agreed specification. NBS windows are available with options for:

  • In or outward opening
  • Double or triple glazing
  • Side or top/bottom hinged

Aluminium Composite Windows

NBS aluminium/timber composite windows are based on the concept of combining/bonding the external timber frame with aluminium.

The aluminium is a powder coated finish which protects the window against UV and extreme weather and is virtually maintenance free.

The aluminium composite option is available as:

  • In or outward opening
  • Double or triple glazing
  • Side or top/bottom hinged
  • Non standard shapes and sizes

Svarre Windows

NBS is pleased to have the uniquely designed SVARRE window available to our clients.

The external face of the SVARRE window is all glass, with the outer pane overlapping the underlying timber frame and sash for a seamless, flat surface. This is the ultimate in low maintenance as there is no frame to maintain or corners for dirt to hide. The smooth glass front makes it fast and easy to clean.

The SVARRE window is triple glazed with super low W glass and achieves one of the best insulation values on the market, with a UW=0.89 as standard.

The outer pane is a 6mm toughened glass with an 88mm coloured border, available in a variety of colours. The window achieves a 38dB as standard due to 2 weather seals and being triple glazed with different glass thickness.

Sliding Sash Windows

NBS sliding sash is a classic sash window with a modern take.

The sliding sash is fitted with high quality Torso springs making the windows easy to handle and side. A tilt function on the bottom sash allows easy and safe cleaning. On closing the window the sashes are pressed against a weather seal making it an extremely tight and draught proof window. The sliding sash is fitted with internal glazing beads making it a secure window. It is operated by lockable handles and has a locked night ventilation.